The Purpose Discovery & Career Planning Toolkit


Purpose comes from God. The Purpose Toolkit offers an individual process to purpose discovery that includes 9 tools: preparation, personal experience, gifts and more. Purpose brings change, truth, harmony, and peace. Individuals who understand their purpose can identify and pursue the plan of God for their life.The Purpose Toolkit is the complete companion to the online course “Find Your Purpose Now” featuring lecture notes, handouts, worksheets, samples of completed worksheets and more.

The Purpose Discovery & Career Planning Toolkit contains 9 tools for artists seeking to define their purpose and create a one-year plan to achieve it. The toolkit is based on the Purpose Formula™ – a 9-step system designed to identify an individual’s unique purpose.


1. Context

2. Impact

3. Actions, Creations & Presence

4. Tools

5. Purpose Areas

6. Purpose Statement

7. Time

8. One-Year Purpose Plan

9. Spiritual Guidance

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The Purpose Discovery & Career Planning Toolkit is designed for artists seeking purpose and a planning guide to pursue it. Purchase this 9-step toolkit to define your purpose and create a one-year plan to pursue it.
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