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Find Your Purpose Now is an online course designed to teach artists and creatives the Purpose Formula™ – a 9-step system designed to identify an individual’s unique purpose. Artists who understand their artistic purpose and the impact of their work can effectively identify and select the most appropriate opportunities, partnerships and products.


Our Online Courses lead believers to be reconciled to God.


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courses designed to meet your needs.


Our online courses give artists clarity about their identity + their personal brand. With Elevate’s courses, artists will learn the tools to design plans & systems that align with their unique purpose.


The foundation of a successful artist career is a deep understanding and acceptance of your purpose. This is why the foundation of every course we offer is purpose. At Elevate the Artist, purpose is defined as ”the impact or influence that results from the alignment of a naturally responding group of people or things with an individual’s unique creation, action, or presence in a particular environment, at a specific time.”


As an artist entrepreneur you are a business, a brand, and, of course, an artist. This complexity means that you need clarity. We’ll give you tools to develop your personal story, vision, values, mission, and goals. With this foundation in place you will design a personal brand that reflects your unique inner power.


A powerful artist career is designed with intention. It sounds intimidating but if you can design an amazing product then you can design your life. We’ll provide you with the tools to map out a future that is driven by your artistic purpose.


Many artists shy away from financial planning tools and systems because most are not designed for the nature of artistic work. Our online courses will show you how to build plans according to your artist lifestyle.  Once you have a plan, we’ll also provide you with systems to implement and track them.

what's included?

Our online courses include video, worksheets, handouts, access to an online learning community, and consulting hours with your instructor. We also offer e-books for students who want to go above and beyond.

hD video

Our video content delivers clear audio and visuals that cater to the visual learning needs of the artistic mind.


Each section of every online course provides you with carefully crafted worksheets to walk you through the process of applying the coursework to your personal needs.


Each online course provides handouts which are designed to deepen the artists knowledge of a particular topic. Additionally, examples of completed worksheets are also provided as handouts.

online learning community

Our online courses offer an online learning community where you can engage with artists from around the world and share your work and journey.


Each online course has a complimentary book that can be purchased as a course companion.

Premium Access

Your online course registration fee includes premium access to Elevate. 

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